Heat resistant coating
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Heat resistant coating I

This coating is made of modified silicone resin and Jihua's special process, so it has good temperature resistance. According to different grades, its lasting high temperature resistance can reach 200-250 ℃; it is basically free from oil and protein at the operating temperature. The effect is strong against stains, while the color is rich and the luster is outstanding. The coating is used on the outer surfaces of kitchen utensils, baked devices and the like.

Heat resistant coating II

The 6600 series coatings are made by Jihua's special process. These products are suitable for internal and external spraying of iron tableware and kitchenware, and have good non-stick and rust resistance.
IC series coating is made of special materials and is made with Jihua technology. This product is applied to the outer surface of kitchen utensils by spraying, with a hardness of more than 6H, and has a decorative effect similar to ice color.

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